NT by Johannes Karman
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NT 2016

Johannes Karman

CanvasCharcoalAcrylic paintPaint
20 ⨯ 10 ⨯ 4 cm
€ 750

gallery 9 contemporary art

  • About the artist

    Johannes Karman is fascinated by natural light. The light changes all the time and is connected to the time. That time never ends and changes renewing itself constantly. The changes in the time cause the changes in light. Movement by illumination. The effects of light and shade. Watching nature the light is giving structure in the time. The light is an universal energy and can manifest itself in different moods. In his abstract work he examins the effects of light on surfaces, reliefs, treatments and on colours. He is not looking for spectacularity but he makes us in a calm and silent way aware of the daily light that we see and record without thinking.

    Johannes Karman attended graphic techniques in Rotterdam, in Utrecht the academie Artibus and model drawing at the Rotterdam Academy (what after more than 10 years became the basis for his untill now choosen theme ‘light’.) To immerse himself in this he followed a study of the old classic Italian technique in the photographic fine art.
    This did not prevent him to choose the abstraction after establishment in France.

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