Galerie Mia Joosten Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

200 artworks50 artists

About the art dealer

Galerie Mia Joosten was established in 1984 and taken over by Dirk den Hartog in 2006. The gallery specializes in classic-modern and contemporary art and organizes exhibitions with established and up-and-coming artists at several unique locations in the Netherlands.


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Featured Artists

William Rosewood

19 artworks for sale
William Rosewood, a talented twenty-three-year-old artist. He discovered the world of art when he was little. He was...

Armando .

1929 -38 artworks for sale
Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd (Amsterdam,18 September 1929), known as Armando, is a Dutch painter, sculptor and writer. He...

Charles Eyck

1897 - 198311 artworks for sale
Charles Eyck (1897, Meerssen, Limburg – Nuth (Schimmert), Limburg, 1983), also spelled Charles Eijck, full name...

Eugene Brands

1913 - 200216 artworks for sale
At the time when Karel Appel and Constant were still at art school, Brands was making spontaneous Surrealist drawings...

Hans Truijen

1928 - 20059 artworks for sale
Hans Truijen (1928, Surabaya, Indonesia – 2005, Klimmen (Voerendaal), Limburg) was a Dutch painter, draughtsman,...

Jarik Jongman

1962 -9 artworks for sale
Jarik Jongman (1962) was born in Amsterdam and was educated at the Art Academy in Arnhem. In 1995 he became the main...

Peter Blokhuis

1938 -9 artworks for sale
Peter Blokhuis (1938, Amersfoort) is a Dutch painter, wall painter, draughtsman, sculptor, aquarellist, and political...

Daphne Du Barry

1950 -8 artworks for sale
Daphne du Barry is a Dutch sculptor who was born in Arnhem on 5 July 1950. After studying at grammar school in Arnhem,...

Siebrand Weitenberg

1960 -8 artworks for sale
Siebrand Weitenberg is a Dutch contemporary artist who was born in Hillegom in 1960. Between 1980 and 1986 he studied...

Viereijken Gilde

8 artworks for sale
The Viereijken Guild consists of four professionals who have earned their spurs in the world of photography and print....

Krikor Momdjian

1947 -8 artworks for sale
Krikor Momdjian (1947, Bourj-Hammond, Lebanon) is born from an Armenian family in Lebanon, he grew up in Beirut. He is...

Mary Alacoque Waters

1957 -7 artworks for sale
Mary Alacoque Waters is a contemporary Irish painter who was born in London in 1957. She currently lives and works in...