Family on Bicycle by Sheng Qi
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Sheng Qi

Family on Bicycle 2007

CanvasPaintAcrylic paintOil paint
80 ⨯ 100 ⨯ 1 cm
€ 7.500

SinArts Gallery

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Oil and acrylic on Canvas, 2007, 80cm x 100cm

About the Artist

Sheng Qi is a Chinese performance artist and painter who was one of the founders of the Chinese art group, Concept 21. He graduated from the Academy for Art and Design in Beijing in 1988. In 1989, Qui demonstratively cut off his little finger as a form of protest to the massacre at Tiananmen Square, he chopped off the little finger on his left hand. He then buried his finger in a porcelain flowerpot. After, he was exiled to Europe. In 1998, Qi graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, whereafter he returned to Beijing. As of 2010, Sheng Qui resides in London. His work is strongly focused on the body and on body language. He states that the Chinese people are poor and lack education and accommodation. His work resembles propaganda at first glance, but certainly carries out social criticism. He himself doesn't describe his work as a form of entertainment, but as a form of protest.