Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gallerease?

Gallerease is an online art platform. We display the collections of more than 40 renowned art dealers and galleries over 5.500 artworks online to make finding the perfect artwork easier for you.

For whom is Gallerease intended?

Gallerease was designed to cater both beginning art lovers as well as seasoned collectors. We created this platform to help you find and compare artworks by price, style, colour, shape and size.

How can I search the collection?

If you are a beginner and don't know yet what your exact art taste or style exactly is, try Artease, it is a pleasant way of starting to discover your art taste or style! If you are a more experienced collector you can insert your preferences into the filter system or search box to narrow down your search. Once found an interesting piece of art you can a click the tags to find simular artworks. Many artpieces are connected by tags based ased on simular artist, galery, style, period, colour, material, subject or size.

How can I request more information about an artwork?

If you are interested in an artwork, please fill in the request form on the right-hand side of the artwork page to send a message directly to the art dealer or gallery. For example, you can ask for more pictures, specific prices, the condition of the work and further details. You will not be charged for making an inquiry.

How can I get in touch with a gallery or art dealer?

The contact information is displayed on the art dealer profile page. You also have the option to send a direct message to the art dealer using the form on the art dealer profile page.

Can I buy artworks directly from Gallerease?

Gallerease is not a sales-platform. Once you have found an artwork that you wish to purchase, we will guide you to the corresponding art dealer or gallery so that you can get more information or meet the artwork.

Is there a fee?

No, our services is free for users.

Can I negotiate about the price of an artwork?

Depending on their policies, dealers and galleries may offer a discount and consider reasonable offers from collectors. 

Why are some of the prices marked as ‘on request’?

Information on the pricing of artworks is listed at each dealer and gallery’s discretion. You can always contact the art dealer to ask about the price.

I am a gallery, art dealer or artist myself, can I join Gallerease?

We work with certified art dealers and galleries and strive to maintain a high level of quality so will not automatically give acces to everybody. If you are interested please sent us an email to to find out the possibilities.