Robin by Lion Arie Feijen
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Robin 2021

Lion Arie Feijen

Oil paintPaint
18 ⨯ 24 cm
€ 2.400

Galerie Honingen

  • About the artist

    Lion Arie feijen (1947) grew up as the son of the painter Leo Feijen. This is how he was taught his first painting skills. There was never any doubt as to whether Feijen would continue his father's work. The pursuit of ultimate perfection is his great motivation. In his work you can always recognise three elements: beauty, reality and romance. Every scolding is the result of a creative process with a balanced combination of these three elements.

    A characteristic feature of Feijen's work is the warm use of colour and the highly detailed fabric expression. More and more painters are turning to the classic still life, but only a small number excel in this. Feijen is one of the few 'modern masters' for whom the paint no longer holds any secrets. His great strength is the atmosphere he creates and the art of omission. His still lifes reap great appreciation

    Facts does not like publicity. The artist has one challenge: to surpass himself again and again within his chosen field of work: the still life. Until recently his work was only shown abroad, because his father did so, and the son took over his clientele. His paintings came to an exclusive audience through galleries in Germany and England (e.g. Harrods). He was also invited to participate in the prestigious Birds in Art Event in the USA.

    Feijen in the Netherlands; it had to come to this once. A Dutchman who doesn't exhibit in his own country is a bit strange. Galerie Honingen has had the privilege of exhibiting his work for several years now.


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