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Kees van Bohemen

1928 - 19851 artwork
Cornelis Bernardus (Kees) van Bohemen was born in The Hague, the Netherlands on 27 September 1928 and is a Dutch...

Peter van den Braken

1896 - 19791 artwork
Peter Anthonius (Peter) van den Braken was born in Eindhoven in 1896 and died in 1979 in the same city. He made...

Daan Daanoe

1 artwork

Daphne Du Barry

1950 -8 artworks
Daphne du Barry is a Dutch sculptor who was born in Arnhem on 5 July 1950. After studying at grammar school in Arnhem,...

Maïté Duval

2 artworks

Marcel Dzama

1 artwork

Gerard van Eck

1901 - 1974
Gerard van Eck (1901-1974) was a Dutch artist who made mostly paintings and watercolours. He lived most of his live in...

Guus van Eck

1958 -10 artworks
The Dutch artist Guus van Eck was born in 1958. He studied in Maastricht at the Fine Arts Academy and the Jan van Eyck...

Peter Engelen

1962 -1 artwork
Peter Engelen (1962, Tilburg) is a Dutch sculptor and draughtsman. He trained at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten...

Rien Goené

1929 - 2013
Rien Goené was a Dutch sculptor and painter. Rien Goené studied at Artibus in Utrecht, the Netherlands and for a...

Klaas Gubbels

1934 -3 artworks
Klaas Gubbels (born 1934), is a Dutch painter and sculptor with a special love of teapots. He was born in Rotterdam...

Aad de Haas

1920 - 19721 artwork
Aad de Haas is a Dutch sculptor, graphic artist and painter. Most of his artworks are in a expressionist figurative...

Joop Hekman

1921 - 2013
Joop Hekman was a Dutch sculptor and medallist in Utrecht on 24 March 1921, he died in Utrecht on 28 December 2013....

Anton Heyboer

1924 - 20052 artworks
Anton Heyboer was a Dutch painter and printmaker. He was born on the small island of Pulau Weh as the son of a Dutch...
Teruo Hirajima is a member of the artist association Hakajitsu-Kai, established in 1923. All the members of this...

Gerard Hordijk

1899 - 19581 artwork
Gerardus Hordijk was born in 1899 in the Hague, the Netherlands. He was known as a graphic artist, illustrator, and...

Gerard Hordijk

1899 - 19584 artworks
Gerardus Hordijk was a Dutch painter, lithographer, wall painter, scenic painter, and illustrator. In 1927, he moved to...

Hans Ittmann

1914 - 19721 artwork
Hans Ittmann was a Dutch artist from Amsterdam who mainly worked as a sculptor. He has produced many reliefs, ceramics,...

Henk Lamm

1 artwork

Bernhard Leemker

1899 - 1990
Bernard Leemker was born in Groningen in 1899 and died at The Hague in 1990. After his study in Groningen he moved to...

Lou Loeber

1894 - 1983
Louise Marie Loeber (Lou Loeber) was an Amsterdam born Dutch artist. In addition to being a painter, she was a glass...