Structuur Reliëf No. 4 by Emile Circkens
Structuur Reliëf No. 4 by Emile Circkens
Structuur Reliëf No. 4 by Emile Circkens
Structuur Reliëf No. 4 by Emile Circkens

Emile Circkens

Structuur Reliëf No. 4 1978

PaperPlasticPerspex Wood
65 ⨯ 50 cm
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Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel

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Circkens, Emile; Soerabaja 1924 - 1997 Amsterdam
Titel: Structuur Reliëf No. 4, collage gevormd papier (paper, wood, perspex)
65 x 50 x 2,5 cm., verso: signed, titled and dated: 'Emile 78', 'structuur reliëf' No. 4
Annotation: 'afm 50 x 65, techniek bewerkt papier collage' , with adress of the artist and various sctickers of BKR Amsterdam and numbering
Provenance: estate of the artist Amsterdam Literature: Bert Kuipers; 'Emile Circkens, een vergeten kunstenaar' In: Collect Kunst Antiek Design, februari 2017 nr.1, Uitgeverij Patrick Snoeck, Gent 2017.
In Magazine : 'Emile Circkens, a forgotten artist'
Bert Kuipers; Wit, terug naar nul. In: , Informatiekrant voor beeldende kunst januari/februari 2017, blz. 17, Uitgeverij Connect Printmedia, Bedum
Exhibitions: 'Wit terug naar nul', Emile Circkens, verkooptentoonstelling reliëfs, schilderijen, tekeningen. Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel, February 4th until 26th, 2017

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Emile Circkens, born in Soerabaja Indonesia, is best known for his abstract expressionist work. After the second world war, Circkens suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder, resulting in panic attacks and stress. Thus, making art became an almost therapeutic affair for Circkens. His delicate works consisted of multiple long lanes of folded and ripped white paper. The shadows that emerge create a delicate three-dimensional effect. He died in 1997.