Laatste licht (Last light) by Cees Vegh
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Cees Vegh

Laatste licht (Last light) 2019

CanvasOil pastel
70 ⨯ 100 cm
€ 2.200


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About the Artist

Cees Vegh (1966) obtained his Master of Art at Leiden University in 2009. Cees lives in Alphen aan den Rijn, but also regularly goes to Gouda for his art.

Cees paints landscapes and more than that. He paints what unleashes the landscape in him: tranquil polders, vast beaches or an endless silent dike. In his figurative and abstract work, peace, space and stillness are central themes. "The landscapes of the mudflats, the coast and the polders have my enormous strength. They are endless and timeless. I feel at home there. The landscape reminds me and I want to show this."
Cees knows how to distinguish himself in the huge range of art by his own style and the way in which he depicts spatiality and shows silence. He paints the experience of the landscape. He paints his inner landscape. His figurative work is very restrained and subtle, his abstract work monumental and exuberant. In the latter, his graphical background is also clearly visible. In both forms of expression he erects a 'monument' for the landscape.
"In our small, busy country, silence has become a scarce commodity. I find silence particularly valuable and painting silence is a great challenge. You could call my work a reaction to noise."

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