Grief II by Brigitte Vincken
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Brigitte Vincken

Grief II early 21th

Photographic printCanson PhotoSatin Pigmentprint
150 ⨯ 100 cm
€ 2.400

Fotogalerie Utrecht

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In the last three years, Brigitte Vincken’s work has been branching out from the fashion field, now exploring the territory where the worlds of art, fashion and graphics collide. From the start, her focus has been on the male form, and how to capture sensuality in black & white, colour photography and video. The male models, antique sculptures, athletes, performers and dancers all become raw materials as part of her ongoing research to superimpose the contemporary on the classical.

This dialogue has been instantly picked up by Fotogalerie Utrecht, curators and art professionals, revealed by recent solo shows in Rome, Basel and Trieste. Vincken’s photographic series are linked by a common thread - the subtle reversal of normal stereotypes and her challenging of the objectification of the male form in general. Currently she is developing another particular obsession of hers, based on the study of the male neck.