1490 - 1579

About the artist

Titian was born as Tiziano Vecellio in Pieve di Cadore in Italy, around 1490. Titian soon became an apprentice to Sebastiano Zuccato, who was a Venetian painter. He soon started getting involved in friendhips with Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione especially, who proved to be infuential to the painter. Commissions for churches and Alfonso I d'Este, duke of Ferrara becane the reason of his involvement with royal patrons such as King Philip II of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the producing of many portraits.

In his later career, Titian focused on religious and mythological works as well. He continued to paint util his death on August 27 1576, in Venice. The cause of his death is said to be the plague, the same illnes which claimed the life of his son Orazio. Titian proved to be inspirational for many artists, such as Rembrandt, Velázquez and Peter Paul Rubens. His work can nowadays be found in museums around the world, such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington.