Erasmus Dülmen-Krumpelmann

1897 - 1987

About the artist

Erasmus Bernhard von Dülmen Krumpelman(n), was a German painter who was born in Bad Kreuznach on 25 August 1897. He died in Zeegse on 21 June 1987. Shortly after he was born, the family moved to Amsterdam. After studying drawing at the Hendrik de Keyserschool, he went to the Rijksnormaalschool, specialising in art education. In 1918 he became a member of the Amsterdam art academy Arti et Amicitiae and had various exhibitions. In this period he met the artists August Allebé, George Breitner en Willem Witsen who helped him to develop his own style. He painted in an impressionist style. After his marriage in 1921, he settled in Drenthe. There, he met the art society De Ploeg and his style became more colourful. He was a painter and draughtsman of landscapes, cityscapes, circuses and portraits.