ZT - 199A by Andrea Janssens
ZT - 199A by Andrea Janssens
ZT - 199A by Andrea Janssens
ZT - 199A by Andrea Janssens

ZT - 199A 2017

Andrea Janssens

Mixed mediaCanvasAcrylic paintPaint
110 ⨯ 195 cm
€ 3.000 - 3.500

Galerie de Ruimte

  • About the artwork
    Artist: Andrea Janssens
    acryl paint / mixed media on canvas
    110x195 cm
  • About the artist

    Andrea Janssens makes abstract paintings in pastel colours, earth tones in balanced compositions. View the collection here.

    For Andrea Janssens, painting is a quest to authentically translate elements from her own life story into paint.
    Janssens often starts from concrete matters: something she has experienced or read in the newspaper, something she has seen. The occasion is often a message about injustice against women, a theme that touches her personally. But it can also be a child's drawing that inspires her.

    Andrea Janssens' paintings are rarely figurative. Over the years, her work has become increasingly abstract. The clear ideas that Andrea Janssens has at the start fade away as she paints. She works very intuitively, starting from a very personal color palette, in which a lived ocher yellow, a fleshy pink-red and a shimmering pale blue predominate. While painting, colors and shapes begin to lead a life of their own.

    Gradually, voids appear in the play of colors and lines. These offer Andrea Janssens the breathing space necessary for life and are an important source of inspiration for the further process. Sometimes colors and lines are painted over several times, because sometimes they are needed for a while, but can then disappear again.

    It is not the final goal that is important, but the road that Andrea Janssens travels while painting.

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