The She Huo team of Beiye town in Xin'an County by Zhang Hui
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Zhang Hui

The She Huo team of Beiye town in Xin'an County 1996

Photographic printGelatine silver prints
33 ⨯ 93 cm
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About the Artist

Zhang Hui is a Chinese contemporary artist who currently resides in Beijing. She attended the prestigious Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. Hui depicts Chinese women based on Chinese public media, ranging from advertising in the 1930s to contemporary fashion magazines. Hui seems to be primarily inspired by woman depicted in Chinese cinema from the 1930s with their characteristic apple-shaped faces, depictions of women made during the Cultural Revolution and models from the current fashion industry.

She tries to depict women’s social and political status as well as the effects of commercialization on women. She even created a character called ‘Beijing Wawa’, meaning ‘Beijing Baby’ in order to express the modern Beijing woman and the issues that face them. ‘Beijing Wawa’ has exaggerated characteristics such as a heart-shaped upper lip, an apple-shaped childish face and a tiny tip-tilted lip. ‘Beijing Wawa’ is often depicted, just like Hui herself, with a scar on her forehead.

Zhang Hui has been featured at multiple exhibitions and art fairs all over the world, such as New York, Bologna and Hamburg and established herself as an important figure in the contemporary Chinese art world.