tammy  by Sam Drukker
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tammy 2003

Sam Drukker

Original oil on canvas
140 ⨯ 90 cm
Price on request

Private collection Rik Storms

  • About the artist

    Drukker grew up in Assen. He studied at the Minerva Academy (1977-1982) in the city of Groningen, where he was taught by, among others, Matthijs Röling. He also attended the Ubbo Emmius Teacher Training (1978-1984) in Groningen.
    After his studies, Drukker lived and worked in Paris (1984-1985) and Amsterdam. Since 1997 he has lived alternately in Barcelona and Amsterdam. From 1990 he teaches at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam. As a painter, Drukker is considered to belong to the fourth generation of De Groep and the independent realists. He was co-founder of "The Dutch Portrait" (1991). In 1990, Drukker made a Jewish monument for Assen. He depicted himself on the monument as a crouching man without a prayer rug.

    Between 2012 and 2014, Drukker painted ten Jewish men who were adults during the Second World War. At the time he portrayed these men, they were between 83 and 103 years of age. The ten Minje paintings and eighteen preliminary studies on paper were exhibited in 2014 in the Kunstkabinet of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. The Minje project was then on display in the BAC museum in Switzerland, in Pictura in Groningen, and in Museum Sjoel Elburg.

    In 2011, Sam Drukker was elected Artist of the Year, an award he received on November 5, 2011 in the Hermitage Amsterdam. As a result of this election, Drukker exhibited from November 13, 2011 to February 13, 2012 in the Museum Flehite-te-Amersfoort. The book A thin skin was published at this retrospective. This exhibition attracted more than 17,000 visitors.

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