Stars 1 by Ellie Davies
Stars 1 by Ellie Davies
Stars 1 by Ellie Davies
Stars 1 by Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies

Stars 1 2015

Photographic print
60 ⨯ 90 ⨯ 3 cm
€ 1.750

Sophie Maree Gallery

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About the artwork

Davies’ (1976, London) passion is the wild and impenetrable forest, it being
the backdrop of her childhood. Her work is based on making small interventions
in the woods: these sculptural dwellings evoke a fairytale-like context
and reflect on Davies’ personal relationship with the forests. Davies has
received three honorable mentions in the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
in the Fine Art Non-Professional series and has exhibited in the UK and USA.

Davies aims to create a deeper understanding of human relations with
nature in a modern and technologized world. In her work, Davies wants to
present this relationship and encourage the viewers to re-evaluate the way
nature has played a part in the construction of their own identity. In her photographs,
Davies has made use of extraordinary imageries to convey unto
the viewer a sense of mystery, enchantment and discovery. In this series,
images of forest landscapes are combined with images of the intangible
and enigmatic universe, using scientific images captured by the Hubble
telescope, such as the Milky Way and the Norma Galaxy. The incorporation
of the galactic images into the familiar forest landscapes creates a feeling
of paradox and otherness, combining the physicality and familiarity of the
landscapes with the intangible ‘unknown’ of the universe. Using her personal
experience of the forest as a starting point, Davies creates an imagery that
is strange but familiar and at the same time hauntingly beautiful.
The viewer is drawn into an image that both attracts him to the landscape as
well as alienates him.

About the Artist

Ellie Davies (1976) is a British photographer who lives in London. Important subjects in her work are the woods and forests of Southern England. She gained her master in Photography from London College of Communication in 2008. She is represented by several international galleries including A.Galerie in Paris, Crane Kalman Brighton, Sophie Maree Gallery in The Netherlands, Brucie Collections in Kiev, and Art Gemini, Singapore.

In 2016 she exhibited at the Singapore International Photography Festival and at Crane Kalman Gallery in London. Davies was honoured with Gold in the Fine Art Landscape category of the PX3 Awards 2015, and First Place in the 2014 Kontinent Awards Fine Art Projects Category. She was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Professional Women Photographers International Juried Exhibition 2012.