Oost-Indië vaarder by Anthonie de Winter
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Anthonie de Winter

Oost-Indië vaarder 1680

InkPaperHandmade paper
41.50 ⨯ 51 cm

Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge

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About the artwork

East Indies sailor from Johannes Van Keulen I's The Perfect Boatsman, published in Amsterdam in 1680. Copper engraving made by Anthonie de Winter (1652 - 1707). Size: 41.5 x 51 cm. Framed.

Large and beautifully engraved ship's print from an extremely rare book by an unknown author. "Very useful for all seafarers." "The Perfect Boatman: comprehending how to find the main ship's parts from a given ship's length, the mudflat, the carving of the standing and running rope work and furthermore what is plucking in the ships of necessities: as well as the rigging of various charters of ships which are in use by the Dutch warships, and furthermore all that is needed by a daring boatman."

About the Artist

Anthonie de Winter (1652/1653, Utrecht – 1707/1717, Amsterdam) was a printmaker, publisher and art-dealer. He was the widower of Annetie Pieters van Leeuwen and married Femmetje Robbers in 1682 (1686?). He engraved De nieuwe plattegrond van Utrecht (The new map of Utrecht). Erroneously he is sometimes called Adriaan de Winter. He died between 1707 and 1717.