Ofir by René de Vreugd
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Ofir 2022

René de Vreugd

Original oil on canvas
80 ⨯ 80 cm
€ 2.500 - 3.000

Galerie de Ruimte

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  • About the artist

    Arvee, pseudonym for René de Vreugd (Hillegom, 1956), is a Dutch painter who lives and works in Zandvoort.

    Color, shape, movement and composition are things that have occupied him from his childhood. Arvee is self-taught. At the age of 12 his talent was noticed, which resulted in his first exhibition at the Haarlem Art Circle with his pen drawings. During his studies in Germany he earns some extra money by making drawings on the street. Main themes are landscapes and portraits.

    Arvee increasingly abstracts his themes from figuration into his current lyrical abstract works. In many layers of oil paint he builds both tension and balance in his work. Arvee works intuitively with everyday life as the main theme. He rarely paints wet-on-wet. He builds up his compositions layer by layer over a period of many months. Arvee is a colorist who allows his colors to flow into each other organically, without strict boundaries.

    In addition to being a painter, René de Vreugd has always been a trader. The trade in wood initially provides for his livelihood. From the mid-1990s his success as a visual artist grows and he develops as an internationally recognized and recognized artist. Together with his partner, he started the Galerie De Vreugd en Hendriks, in which, in addition to his own work, he also sells the work of other renowned artists. Arvee is both an artist and an entrepreneur and can often be seen at various art fairs at home and abroad. In 2019 he will show his work at the Venice Biennale in Palazzo Mora.

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