Funny Girl   by Marjolijn de Bruin
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Funny Girl 2022

Marjolijn de Bruin

46 cm
€ 4.300

Art-Gallery The Obsession of Art

  • About the artwork
    Marjolijn de Bruin Funny Girl Bronze Unique concept Item1, 46 cm y 2022
  • About the artist

    “Being surprised by a feeling, a joke that at that one moment all the lines come together, something essential that you want to hold on to and cherish so that you can take it off the shelf later when you need it, that is my aim.”

    More than 15 years ago, Marjolijn settled in the rural environment of care farm (name) in Schermerhorn, where she has a spacious studio at her disposal. Together with two other artists, Marinus Klap and Wilma Hoebee, she works here in peace on her objects, inspired by the world around her. Down to earth, modest, but involved and honest, she converts her ideas into material, often making use of diverse themes such as dance, the Icelandic horse, the circus and Japan.

    Her sculptures unveil the dynamics of her being. Dancing to the music of her inspiration. Moving motion, still, in that unique moment. As an expression of bundled inner strength and determination. Captured in equally enchanting and moving sculptures.

    In recent years, Marjolijn has exhibited very successfully both nationally and internationally in Bergen NH, Vancouver CA and Paris, among others.

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