Kittens watching an insect by Josef Heimerl
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Josef Heimerl

Kittens watching an insect 1900

CanvasPaintOil paint
26 ⨯ 31 cm
€ 3.200

Flava Art Gallery

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About the Artist

Josef Heimerl was an Autstrian painter. It has been stated that Heimerl was born in 1867 in the city of Vienna, but aside from this provision of general information, little is known about his life and work.

We known that Heimerl possessed great knowledge about the subject of painting conservation, meaning the art and science of concerving and restoring paintings to their original state. Aside from this profession, he specialized as a painter of animals. His scenes and pictures of domestic animals as cats and dogs, often young of age, were amongst his most prized work, although he depicted hunting scenes and other images involving animals also. In addition to this, an amount of genre scenes are known of his hand.

Heimerl passed away in the year 1962.