Dora and Minie by Otto B. de Kat
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About the artwork

Otto B. de Kat was a much beloved teacher at the academy of arts in Amsterdam. But next to that he was also one of the most popular painters in the Netherlands during the 20th century. His style of painting looked a little like the colourful style of the late 19th century painters of the Nabis. This small portrait of his wife Dora and their French neighbour Mimi (Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1976) shows the same intimicy that also can be found in the paintings of artists like Pierre Bonnard and Vuillard.

About the Artist

Otto B. de Kat was a Dutch painter, watercolorist, art critic and professor. He painted landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, still lives and interiors. From the sixties on Cat developed a distinctive and recognizable style. Although his work is almost always a figurative representation, they sometimes have abstracted characteristics. Thus realize the paintings both a modern and a traditional impression.