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Hendrik Leffert Mijling was born in Amsterdam in February in 1757. He was baptized on the 16th of February. He was a...

Rauth, Leo

1 artwork
Thomas Malby Sr. started map and global making around 1839. Tomas Malby Jr. carried on his father’s company under the...
Muhammas al- Idrisi (born 1100, Sabtah, Mor.—died 1165/66, Sicily, or Sabtah), was a famous Arab geographer and an...

Pierre Nogaret

1720 - 1771
Pierre Nogaret was a French chairmaker, born in Paris in 1720, he died in Lyon in 1771. He became a maître-menuisier...
Muḥammad (Arabic: محمد‎‎; c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE) was born in 570 CE in Saudi Arabia. His full name...

Merian, Caspar

3 artworks
Reinier and Joshua Ottens were Dutch brothers from the North of the Netherlands. Together they had a publishing...
J. Stoppani & Zoon (J. Stoppani & Son), also spelt Stopanni or Stopani, was a family of barometer makers. John Stopanni...

Gibert, O.

1 artwork


1920 - 2005
Constant (Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys) was born on July 21, 1920 in Amsterdam and started his career as a painter....
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