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Joseph-Thaddeus Winnerl was an Austrian chronometer maker, established in Paris.
Little is known about this artist.
Anthonie de Winter (1652/1653, Utrecht – 1707/1717, Amsterdam) was a printmaker, publisher and art-dealer. He was...

Janus de Winter

1882 - 19512 artworks for sale
Janus De Winter worked in the nineteenth-century tradition of the 'translation' of music into abstract shapes and...

Charles Wirgman

1832 - 18911 artwork for sale
Charles Wirgman was born on the 31th of August in 1832. He was an English artist and cartoonist, the creator of the...

Frederick de Wit

8 artworks for sale
Frederik de Wit was born Frederik Hendriksz. He was born to a Protestant family in about 1629, in Gouda, a...

Gerard de Wit

1931 - 2010
Gerard de Wit was born in 1931. His work can be classified as traditional, yet innovative. Throughout his life, de Wit...

Jacob de Wit

1695 - 1754
Jacob de Wit was an important Dutch artist and interior decorator from Amsterdam. He is best known for his religious...

Hans Withoos

1962 -1 artwork for sale
The career of the Dutch photographer Hans Withoos (1962) spans more than twenty years, during which he combined his...

Matthias Withoos

1627 - 1703
The Dutch artist Matthias Withoos is famous of his still lifes and city scenes with his characteristic details of...

E.S. Witkamp

1854 - 18971 artwork for sale
Ernest Sigismund Witkamp was a Dutch painter, draftsman, watercolourist and etcher. He received his education at the...

Willem Witsen

1860 - 19234 artworks for sale
Willem Witsen was a Dutch artist who was born in Amsterdam on 13 September 1860. He died in Amsterdam on 13 April 1923....

Nicolaes Witsen

1641 - 1717
Nicolaes Witsen (8 May 1641-10 August 1717) was a Dutch statesman who was mayor of Amsterdam thirteen times, between...

Jonas Witsen

1676 - 1715
Jonas Witsen belonged to the famous Amsterdam Witsen family. Various members of this family held important municipal...

Cor de Wolf

1989 - 19631 artwork for sale
Cor de WOLFF (Middelburg 1889 - Amsterdam 1963) De Wolff started his artistic career with batiks...

Jeremias Wolff

1663 - 1724
Jeremias Wolff was born in Augsburg and baptized on the first of October in 1663. He was an illustrator, a printmaker,...

Michael Wolgemut

1434 - 1519
Michael Wolgemut, also spelled Wohlgemut or Wohlgemuth, was a celebrated Gothic painter and printmaker. In 1471 he...

Anders Wolhar

2 artworks for sale
Dutch painter and artist Anders Wolhar was born in Utrecht in 1969. He began his career in art as a special painter for...
Hendrik Jan Wolter is one of the early Dutch Luminists, together with Jan Toorop, Leo Gestel and others. During his...

Frits Woltjes

1903 - 19341 artwork for sale
Frits Woltjes (1903-1934) was a Dutch artist who associated with the Amsterdamse School movement. He was a designer of...

Theo Wolvecamp

1925 - 19925 artworks for sale
It was during the Second World War that Theo Wolvecamp started to paint. From 1945 - 1947 he attended the Art Academy...
Preta Wolzak studied Monumental Design at the Gerrit Rietveldacademie from 1986-1991. Since then she has worked in...
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