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job de vogel

1 artwork
Wieland Vogel (1980) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, department ‘Man and Living’ in 2007. He graduated...

Frank Vogt

5 artworks
Frank Vogt (1969) has developed a unique technique in the photography. ‘Paintograph’ it is called. He is...

Robert Völcker

1854 - 1924
Robert Völcker was a German visual artist who was born in 1854. A strong focus on nature is visible in his works,...
August Willem van Voorden was the son of a decorative house painter who taught him the basics of paint and painting. He...
Cornelis Voorhelm was a Dutch clockmaker, active in Haarlem around 1712.

Theo Voorzaat

1938 -7 artworks
Theo Voorzaat, born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on March 2, 1938 is a Dutch painter. He works and lives in Dreischor,...

Hubert Vos

1855 - 19351 artwork
Hubert Vos was born on the 15th of February in 1855. He was a Dutch painter who was born in Maastricht. He...

Léon de Vos

1897 - 19741 artwork
Léon de Vos was a Belgian painter, academy lecturer and director. He went to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Mons and...

Christina de Vos

1965 -3 artworks
Christina de Vos (1965) draws and paints human figures and tells of human desires and shortcomings. Her paintings are...

Niels de Vos

1 artwork
Niels de Vos is a Dutch silversmith. He is the owner of Ranyart; smart concepts in silver and gold. He studied at the...

Theo Vos

1887 - 1948
Theo Vos was a Dutch sculptor who was born and raised in Groningen. He was a student at the Minerva Academy in...
Reinhard Voss (1959, Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) is a German artist specialised in creating wood...
André van der Vossen was a Dutch graphic designer, painter and draftsman. He went to the School voor Bouwkunde,...

Alex de Vrede

1944 -5 artworks
Alex de Vrede is born in Maastricht, The Netherlands in 1944 where he attended the Stadsacademie in 1970, later...

To Vreede

1916 - 1995
Catharina Elisabeth ‘To’ Vreede was a Dutch painter. She was born in Terschelling, the Netherlands and worked in...

Cornelis Vreedenburgh

1880 - 19463 artworks
Cornelis Vreedenburgh was largely self-taught. Initially a house painter by trade, he drew and painted only in his...

Arjan Vrielink

1982 -1 artwork
Arjan Vrielink is a Dutch contemporary silversmith from Zwolle. Initially a theater technician, Vrielink decided to...

Jannes de Vries

1901 - 1986
Jannes de Vries (1901, Meppel – 1986, Groningen) was a Dutch aquarellist, painter, engraver, etcher, draughtsman, pen...

Hubert de Vries

1899 - 1979
Hubert de Vries (1899, Antwerp – 1979) was a Belgian painter, who grew up in Antwerp. During World War I, he stayed...

Paul de Vries

18 artworks
Paul de Vries is a Dutch silversmith. He studied between 1978 and 1982 at the Technical College for Gold and...
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