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Gino Severini

1883 - 19661 artwork
Gino Severini (1883, Cortona, Italy – 1966, Paris, France), was an Italian painter. In 1899 he moved to Rome, where...

Brooke Shaden

1987 -4 artworks
Brooke Shaden was born in March 1987, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US. She studied filmmaking and the English language...

Sheng Shaopeng

4 artworks
The painter Sheng Shaopeng studied at the renowned China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. During and after his studies,...

William Shaw

1754 - 1823
18th century London silversmith, later also recorded as a goldsmith, he went bankrupt in 1745.
Michiel Emanuel Shee is a Dutch 18th century sculptor and dealer. After he was apprenticed by Willem Scobbens about...

Dov Shlein

1936 -1 artwork
Dov Shlein (1936, Chernowitz, Ukraina) emigrated with his family to Israel in 1950. He studied Jewish and general...

Fred Sieger

1902 - 19991 artwork
Fred Sieger was born in Amsterdam. He is an autodidact painter. He started his artist career at an age of 26 and had...
Ciano Siewert is a Dutch artist. He was born in Rotterdam in 1942. He paints mostly typical Dutch landscapes, city...

Martin Sijbesma

1968 -1 artwork
Martin Sijbesma is a contemporary Dutch painter, born in 1968 in Hartwerd (Friesland, the Netherlands). After...
Maria Elena, also rendered Marie-Hélène, was a Portuguese- born painter of semi-abstract compositions. When she was...
J. Silvani was a reputed 19th century French clockmaker from Paris, recorded as working from 1835, famous for his fine...

Menno Simon

1 artwork

Gustave Singier

1909 - 1984
Gustave Singier was a Belgian non-figurative painter, active in France as part of the new Paris School of Lyrical...

Pieter Gerardus Sjamaar

1819 - 18761 artwork
Pieter Gerardus Sjamaar lived and worked in The Hague. Most of his paintings depict cityscapes and interiors with...

John Skinner

1746 - 1818
John Skinner was an English clockmaker from a line of clockmakers. He was the apprentice of Jerom Murch in Honiton from...

Otte Sköld

1894 - 1958
Sköld was a Swedish painter who was born in 1894, he died in 1958. He studied at the Althin Painting School and the...

Rik Slabbinck

1914 - 19911 artwork
Rik Slabbinck was a Belgian artist. He attended school at the Academy at Bruges and St Lucas in Ghent. One of his...
Ferry Slebe was a Dutch watercolourist, graphic artist and painter. He also was a teacher at the Vrije Academie (Free...

Henk Slomp

1955 -1 artwork
Dutch sculptor Henk Slomp was born in 1955. He is an autodidact artist and has developed as such between the years 1993...

Jan Sluijters

1881 - 195765 artworks
Jan Sluijters was born in Den Bosch in 1881. He was the son of Gijsbertus Antonius Sluijters. Jan Sluijters himself...
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