About the artist

Paul Citroen was born in Berlin in 1896. He is known for his paintings, pictures and his stamp designs. At the age of fourteen he left Gymnasium and went to a drawing school. In 1922 he became a student at Bauhaus in Weimar. Here he was apprenticed to Johannes Itten and Wassily Kandinsky, they both had great impact on his work. After two years Citroen left Bauhaus in Weimar, because their approach was too constructive and Citroen was looking for a more expressive approach.

He left to the Netherlands were he taught everything he learned at Bauhaus. Together with Charles Roelofsz he established the Nieuwe Kunstschool (the new art school) in Amsterdam, but this school closed after four year due to lack of financial support. After this he became teacher at The Hague art academy and in this same period he decorated the Maranathachurch in The Hague together with Frits Eschauzier. Together with Willem Schrofer, Rein Draijer, Han van Dam and Willem Jacob Rozendaal, he had a great influence on students who are now called the Nieuwe Haagse School (the new Hague School).

Besides being an artist, he was also an art collector.