About the artist

Gaston Roullet born 15 novembre 1847 at Ars-en-Ré (France) and died 2 December 1925 in Paris was a French painter and illustrator.
He became the official painter of the fleet and colonies (Peintre de la Marine et des departements des Colonies) in 1885 - he was present at the military campaign at Tonkin in 1885-1886. After that he left for Tunis (1889-1890), New Calédonie (1889), Sénegal and Sudan (1891).

He became journalist for the newspaper Le Monde illustrated and made scenes of Africa, Oceania, Indochine and Canada, but as well he was influenced by sites in Bretagne and Normandy.
Between 1900 and 1910 he visited the Netherlands. He made painting from Hoorn, around the Zuiderzee and Dordrecht.