About the artist

Francois J.L. Boulanger was a Belgian painter, specializing in townscapes. Boulanger was born in Ghent in 1819 and studied painting at the art academy in Ghent. There he was apprenticed to Theodoor de Heuvel between 1841 and 1844. In 1844 he became a pupil of Edouard De Vigne. In 1841 he exhibited at the Salon for the first time. He lived and worked in Ghent throughout his live. In 1873 Boulanger died from excessive indulgence in alcohol. He exhibited in Antwerpen, Brugge and Kortrijk. His work is included in the Bijlokemuseum (Ghent), Musée des Beaux-Arts (Bergen) and Koninklijke Verzameling (Brussels).