Cornelis Bolding

1897 - 1979

About the artist

Cornelis (Cees) Bolding was a Dutch painter, draftsman and lithographer. He painted cityscapes, landscapes, harbour views, portraits and still lives. He was a student at the National Art Academy in Amsterdam from 1915 to 1921 and was active as a painter from 1919 on. Later, he was a member of the artist associations Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, Pulchri Studio The Hague, the Dutch association of seascape painters, and the Hague Aquarellist association. He also was the adjunct-director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague. Bolding has won multiple prizes for his work; the Royal Prize for Painting, the Cohen-Gosschalk Award in 1919, the Willink van Collen Prize and the Prix de Rome in 1922.