About the artist

Adrien-Louis Demont, also known as Adrien Demont was born in 1851 in Douai in the north of France. He started studying law, but he came to the conclusion that painting was his passion. He met Emile Breton, who gave him painting classes. When Demont moved to Paris he found a job at the workshop of Joseph Blanc.

Demont is known for the landscapes he painted. He started out painting in an impressionistic style, but this changed to a more dramatic style. He had an intense use of color which shows engagements with fauvism. His wife Virginie Demont-Breton was also an artist and the daughter of Jules Breton. Together the couple visited Wissant every summer with a group of other artists, here Demont focussed on landscapes. He was intrigued by the sea, the village, the dunes and the chalk cliffs. His work was often exhibited by the Salon de Paris.

Demont died in Wissant in 1928 at the age of seventy-two.