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Artscoops’ mission is to be the first Middle Eastern & African Art online art platform, specialized in the buying and selling of art. Artscoops features artworks from leading international galleries and artists.


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Featured Artists

Yari Ostovany

1962 -8 artworks
Born in Iran in 1962, Yari Ostovany is a San Francisco based artist. He holds a BA in Art from the University of...

Fanny Seller

1972 -3 artworks
Fanny Seller is Artist and a Conservator-Restorer of wall paintings. Her work focuses on residual memory and loss. She...

Nasser Al Aswadi

1978 -3 artworks
Nasser Al Aswadi was born in 1978 in Yemen. Nasser studied architecture at The Technical School in Taiz and Sanaa. He...

Houmam Al Sayed

1981 -2 artworks
Born in Mesyaf, Syria in 1981, Houmam Al Sayed is a contemporary Syrian artist. His artworks are playful renderings and...

Hojat Amani

1978 -2 artworks
Born in 1978, Hojat Amani is an Iranian multi-talented artist. In 2001, he received a diploma in Fine Art at the School...

Youssef Abdelke

1951 -2 artworks
Born in 1951, Youssef Abdelke lives and works in Syria. Abdelke graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and went on to...

Shahida Ahmed

2 artworks
Shahida Ahmed was born in Lancashire, United Kingdom. She currently resides in the UK and Middle East. She Studied...

Fadi Yazigi

1966 -2 artworks
Born in Damascus 1966, Fadi Yazigi’s work has been exhibited in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt, as well...

Nabil Helou

1969 -2 artworks
Born in 1969, Nabil Helou is a Lebanese sculptor, he works and lives in Lebanon. He graduated in sculpture and has...

Khaled Akil

2 artworks
Khaled Akil was born into an artistic family as the son of established Syrian painter Youssef Akil. He graduated from...

Hilda Hiary

1969 -2 artworks
Hilda Hiary is an artist whose work demand contemplation of its unique qualities. She lives and works in her native...

Faika Al Hassan

2 artworks
Faika Al Hassan graduated from the University of Baghdad in 1977 with an economics degree. At 25, she decided to take...